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Types of Hosting at Hostgator


One of the most popular web hosting companies is Hostgator. The hostgator coupon code will allow you to save on you first payment which is a great discount. Web hosting companies provide their clients with disk space and bandwidth for their websites so using our discounted Hostgator coupon for 2015 codes would be your first step toward getting online with a website. The web hosting companies provide many packages according to your needs and they start from free ( well one cent) to 300$ package depending on the customers need.

The popular types of web hosting are as follows:

Dedicated Server Web hosting

It is provided by most of the best Web hosting companies and it includes the leasing of a whole server by customer in order to control all activities of its website and includes the utilization of resources (disk space, OS, RAM etc) accordingly.

Home Server

It is type of server which is installed in the residence in order to manage one or more websites, as being in home it is mostly managed through old pc’s and customers bandwidth.

Managed Hosting Server

It is type of web hosting server where the customer is leased the server for his personal use but is not given full rights and management is done by Web hosting Company.

Cloud hosting

Web hosting service has introduced cloud hosting recently and it enables the person to operate the server via applications through cloud hence making it available everywhere, the good things are its mobility and privacy concerned are increased on this server more as its not centralized.

Free Web hosting

The free web hosting is the type of Web hosting that deals with the providing the website free of cost but on sub domain and is ad supported.

Free Google Web Hosting

It is free web hosting provided by Google to everyone with limited resources as it provides the maximum data rate of 20MB whereas the original web hosting provides unlimited data! There are many companies that provide web hosting but some of the most popular and world famous are Endurance International Group

Hostgator is the company formed by a university student in 2002. Brent Oxley was in Florida Atlantic University when he formed the Hostgator Hosting Company.