By   June 23, 2014

Hostgator 99.9% Uptime dealThe best hosting companies all try and maintain a high uptime to be players in the top hosting fields. Hostgator just tops them all. Remember Hostgator coupon discounts for reduced hosting prices that will save you money. Uptime depends on many factors and this post will deal with the most important requirements.

What does Uptime really mean?

Uptime is the amount of time your web server is available to be accessed from all over the world
Hostgator Percentage uptime: 99.9%
Uptime: 29 days 23 hours 16 minutes 48 seconds
Downtime: 43 minutes 11 seconds
So 99.9% uptime equates to your server being online for 29 days 23 hours 16 minutes 48 seconds
In real terms your server is offline for 43 minutes 11 seconds

What would cause loss of Uptime

There are many factors that would cause problems and usually the main culprit is maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is a necessity as all equipment needs upgrading and replacement. As technology improves so to must hosting providers upgrade their infrastructure to cope with increased demands.

Another cause can be the physical connection from data centers to distribution hubs. Many times there can be no connectivity to your host as all their cables have been compromised or damaged causing severe malfunction.

Power disruption and load shedding or just plain backup power failure.

All these problems cannot be foreseen as some are “Acts of God” , Clients should be accommodating as a host will not deliberately sabotage your service.

How does HostGator maintain 99.9% Uptime?

• Data centers are monitored 24/7/365
• Redundant Power Systems in place
• Fire detection/suppression systems
• Ensuring constant Bandwidth
• 9 backbone and fiber providers
• 130% wind powered
• Superb data centre cooling and heat extraction
• Redundant raid technology data safeguarding
• Physical security and preventing unauthorized visitors

So as you can see your web property is safer in the hands of hostgator . In the event of a failure hostgator will be up and running in no time what’s so ever. Guaranteed Solid, secure, fast premium hosting.