By   April 2, 2014

Hostgator Hosting Empire

If you want to make money online, one of the best ways to do so is to build a niche blog. Niche blogs focus on subcategories of certain products or services or information categories. A good example of a niche blog is a blog focused on issues that impact parents from certain religious denominations who are homeschooling their kids. With niche blogs, you take targeted rifle shots at your topic categories. You don’t try to be all things to all people. Usually, the more targeted your niche, the higher your income possibilities because you end up ‘concentrating’ online traffic for certain consumers certain niche-specific advertisers want to desperately reach. This is why many niche blogs make quite a bit of money through channel and blog sponsorships. You can make money off this gravy train by starting your own niche blog empire. To pull this off, you will need many Hostgator coupons. Why? You will need lots of web hosting.

Niche blog empires work because they don’t try to be wide and shallow. Instead, they are narrow and deep. They focus only certain topics but they drill down so people who are interested in particular bodies of information only need to visit these niche blogs to get all the information they need. As you can probably tell, you will need to set up lots of blogs. For SEO purposes, you can’t just build your empire on one hosting account. Google might think you are pulling all sorts of SEO shenanigans and might penalize your whole network. This is why you need different Hostgator coupons to provide web hosting for the different nodes that make up your blogging empire. You will need to use a different coupon code for each small network of niche blogs. You also have to make sure their backups are clustered.

Saving money on your empire

By using the right coupon code to save on web hosting and backups, you ensure that you save up money for content building and traffic generation. Using Hostgator coupons truly help because each coupon code can cut your cost of backups and hosting quite a bit. The great thing about Hostgator coupons is that they are fairly easy to find online. Use these web hosting coupon codes so you can get the hosting and backups you need to adequately maintain and operate a high value niche blog empire. The more money you save with Hostgator coupons for web hosting, the more money you can invest in other aspects of your operation. For every coupon code you use for hosting and backups, the more resources you free up for driving traffic to your empire. The more traffic you get, the more money you make. That’s the bottom line.